Item Reviews for: Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE Classical Acoustic Electric with Bag  -  COD FUS12ORCECDIN LIST

Excellent value
By: Joe S.      Submitted: 12/31/2014

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General What is your overall opinion of this product? This is an amazing guitar for the money. I sold a $3300 guitar that I never felt comfortable with or worthy to play to pay for this one. The sound and playability compare very well to much more expensive instruments. Some have complained about rough fret ends on this model, but mine is fine. The only negatives are that the guitar is very light so I'm a little concerned about durability. Also when strumming it seems to "distort" somewhat like the thin wood may be kind of overloaded. I'm trying to learn classical so I don't strum that much. In general this instrument has excellent playability of a Taylor nylon string, but with a much nicer true Spanish or classical sound. I am absolutely thrilled with this guitar. It's worth every penny.