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Item Reviews for: DAddario XL Chromes Flat Wound Electric Guitar Strings  -  DAD CHR LIST

Improved action.
By: Jeff Swift      Submitted: 10/14/2013







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Quality What is your opinion of the quality of this product? How does it work for different genres of music? It gives a vintage sound and is especially great for the chord oriented player.Jazz,Country Blues and Rock rhythm Players.A full step bend with the wound G is approaching its limit. Feel How is the feel of the strings? My 83 Top Loader Telecaster always had action higher than I liked esp on the G string.After I did a couple very slight truss rod adjustments it was close but the G rasped near the twelfth or had to be a bit high.I thought I would try a heavier string set and investigate flat wounds and it worked,it finally plays like I've wanted for thirty years now. Tone How did the strings affect your tone? I suppose it is warmer,the Tele always had treble to spare and I mostly want warmth for jazzy chords.I did not replace the high E and B yet since the replacements are not wound and I will try a heavier plain G should I tire of the harder to bend flat wound G in the set. Referral Would you recommend this product to another player? YES but only on a healthy neck and not a delicate antique.Using them I found is like a small truss rod adjustment and that was my hope.