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    "Great Lead Pickup"
    By: David P. Makowski      Submitted: 8/3/2013

    Product Rating

    Product Rating Your general opinion of this product. I play Gibson guitars and recently switched from my Les Paul Custom and Les Paul Standard to an SG Special, SG Standard, and an SG Standard with push/pull pots due to chronic low back pain I needed lighter weight guitars. I absolutely love the Gibson 498T Bridge Pickup with the 500T a close second. My SG's have the 490R and 498T combination except the one with the push/pull pots. I contacted Gibson and they told me my SG had a Burstbucker #1 in the neck and a Burstbucker #3 in the bridge. That explained why the tone was different in that one SG. I believe Burstbuckers are great pickups but just not for me. So, I decided to switch out the Burstbucker #3 in the bridge with a DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion.
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