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Item Reviews for: Digitech iStomp Downloadable Guitar Effects Pedal  -  DOD ISTOMP LIST

Do Not Buy This Abandoned Awuful Pedal
By: So Cal Guitar Slinger      Submitted: 9/2/2014

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General What is your overall opinion of this product? Don't buy this orphaned Digitech pedal. Digitech abandoned all support for this pedal over a year ago. They have added no new pedals since early 2013 and the pedal is almost completely incompatible with iOS7 and almost any iOS upgrade or any iPhone 5 or above. It does not work well with the Lightning connector and you must use only the expensive 30 pin to Lightning adapter to make it work - if it works at all. Digitech's customer service is truly terrible. IF you can get the App to work, you may be able to load the pedal models into your pedal but even that is unstable. The pedal may lose the model and then you have to reload it, if you can remake the connection. There are other serious design flaws: The pedal is very difficult to use on a pedal board as the multi pin connector sticks out too far. It is not true bypass so if it fails, you have to disconnect it and it bleeds noise into your system unless you isolate a power supply for it. Don't buy this. It rates a Zero!