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American Musical Supply
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American Musical Supply

By: Mario aka MAYHAM MANIA as well as BROSKIE from Kenosha Wi, USA,      Submitted: 12/27/2011

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Quality Would you consider this product to be made well? How dependable? These strings are not just typical strings. I do believe that the tone generated is excellent and will provide for you listening enjoyment. These strings should do the trick... General Your general opinion of this product. These strings surely do the trick. I have them strung to an Ibanez Acoustic Electric. I love the twang and fullness I get when I play chords on this instrument. The strings prodive a deep and rich sustain as well Tone Bright and snappy? Dark and smooth? Were the pickups hot, mellow, thick, thin? These strings can aid any sound that you are searching for. Just hitting open notes in 440 makes me know that these are quality, rich, and vibrant....