Great sounding, well built and powerful.
By: Enron Hubbard      Submitted: 11/12/2014

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General What is your overall opinion of this product? I bought these as part of a larger PA system upgrade. They replaced a pair of JBL JRX-125 2x15 cabinets that I've been using for the last 6 years or so. The JBL's were OK...the cats loved them more than I did and it shows. That carpet covering makes for a very expensive scratching post/perch. The sound of the JBL's was OK. It was their bottom of the line PA speaker so I wasn't expecting miracles. These EV's were a major step up in terms of sound quality...very clear and with 2400 watts peak power handling they handle my 1400 watt per side QSC high current power amp (that I purchased with the EV's) without breaking a sweat. The clarity and focus is just astonishing for a speaker in this price range...and no carpet covering. : ) Highly recommended.