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Great life, pretty good tone
By: Randy from Elkridge, MD      Submitted: 9/19/2012

Overall Rating


General Your general opinion of this product. Overall, I'd have to say I like the strings. I was not happy with the tone when I initially started using them, but I liked the fact that the new string tone lasted a long time. I have recently discovered the Phosphor Bronze/Nanoweb version of the strings and switched to medium gauge (.013 - .056, I think) and I'm happier with the tone of those. Strings are a very subjective thing, as are many things in music. Strings will sound different on different guitars. I would suggest trying different brands and gauges until you find what YOU like. These strings are definitely worth a try and live up to all of the claims. I have tried many other coated strings, and none of them last like the Elixirs.
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