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    Enjoying this violin!
    By: AB from South Carolina      Submitted: 4/24/2013
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    General Your general opinion of this product. It seems to be a great instrument! Comes with an instrument cable, headphones, 9V battery, case, bow, container of starter rosin and a velvet-like polishing/beauty cloth. I would advise people to be very careful when trying to adjust the headphones. I did not realize only one side moves for size adjustment and broke mine in half right out of the box. It's OK though. I just use the ear buds from my smartphone instead. They're more comfortable anyway. The micro tuners at the bridge are stiff at first but through more usage they will become easier to turn. This is probably either due to tight threads or maybe too much paint/anodizing on them. They will become easier to use over time I'm sure.
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