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Item Reviews for: EVH Eddie Van Halen Premium Electric Guitar Strings  -  EVH 0220150 LIST

EVH Strings Rock Hard
By: Jim Donovan from Brooklyn, NY      Submitted: 12/12/2012

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Quality Would you consider this product to be made well? How dependable? I may have to factor in that I have very strong arms, a former Navy SEAL. a few months ago i bought 6 packages on a 2 fer Tuesday deal, even though I had never tried this brand before, depending on EVH quality from one of the better players ever, and they stood real tall. I restrung a new Washburn RX22 that I got brand new for only $125, and a used Epiphone Les Paul II. Now I'm out of B strings, probably because I slam too hard at times when playing hard rock, loud. General Your general opinion of this product. i dont feel the need to try others. There are many, but EVH might have made these strings to be able to play similar style to his