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    Awesome sound met with frustration
    By: John      Submitted: 2/20/2015

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I love it. The tone is great, the neck feels amazing, the look is awesome and the feel is almost perfect for me. The only reason I didn't put it at a 5 stars is because it had some lack luster issues. the case sucks and for the price tag you pay for the guitar you would think you would get a better case. Honestly I have a better case for my Johnny Marr Signature Jag and it's $500 less than this. Then there is the bridge. It is the typical bridge, but remember this is a vintage reissue. Can't call it that if the bridge was different, but honestly since the creation of the Jazzmaster Fender couldn't come up with a fix? Especially for a $2200 one? Anyways I spent about 30 minutes and the bridge works fine. I will replace it with a Staytrem later but it will work for now. Also I don't know how hard the other guy it hitting his strings but I play rock/alternative in a band and I am usually hammering the strings and I have yet to drop screws or anything else. If that happens BLUE LOCKTIGHT
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