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Item Reviews for: Fender Classic Player Telecaster Deluxe wTremolo and Gigbag  -  FEN 0142002 LIST

It's a Fender, need I say more?
By: The Journey Agents from Houston, TX      Submitted: 2/6/2012

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Quality Would you consider this product to be made well? How dependable? See subject line. You really can't beat Fender products in terms of reliability. My band uses three Fender amps, and Fender Rhodes, my tele, and a Strat, and we rarely have problems. This guitar gives you a lot of bang for your buck. General Your general opinion of this product. I have been gigging with this guitar for over a year now. I had a local shop do a set up for me, and since then this guitar has been amazing. One great thing is that despite the floating tremolo, the guitar rarely goes out of tune unless I really beat on the strings. I was disappointed when I opened the box and there was no tremolo bar, but the shop ordered a new one and replaced it with minimal drama. I have used the tremolo bar twice since then, but at least I have it. Tone Bright and snappy? Dark and smooth? Were the pickups hot, mellow, thick, thin? You get a really full range of tones on this guitar, and the whole range sounds good. Like I said, I gave 4 stars for tone and sounds because a $3500 tele is going to sound better, but for $699 I can't complain. Finish How did the stain or paint job look? I love the tobacco sunburt finish, especially with the silver hardware and black pick guard. This is a beautiful guitar, even after a year of hard playing. the pick guard is pretty scratched up, but it gives the guitar character.