Item Reviews for: Fender Pawn Shop Reverse Jaguar Bass with Bag  -  FEN 0143502 LIST
Don't Get Sold By The Looks
By: Bassmonster from Port Jefferson, New York      Submitted: 9/17/2012

Overall Rating


General Your general opinion of this product. My general opinion of this instrument is that is a novelty guitar. The fact that you can't play higher than the 14th fret combined with the short neck and muddy tone made me realize in 5 minutes that this bass is not for someone that plays. It might be the bass to pull out to get a look at a show on a specialty rock song. This cannot be your main bass. For these reasons, I have to say that it won't see the light of day much in my collection.. I salaute Fender for trying to build something cool for its users. So that accounts for something
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