Item Reviews for: Fender Standard Stratocaster Plus Top Maple Fingerboard  -  FEN 0144612 LIST

    Easily the best playing Strat for the money
    By: Guitar guy      Submitted: 7/3/2015

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? The neck is what does it for me. I really enjoy the shape and finish on this neck. Some Strats these days feel almost sticky and slow, not this one. The .09-.42 strings help make this feel great too. Bending is a breeze on this guitar. The pickups offer everything from a edgy tight sound to smooth and sparkly. It feels good in your hands. You can tell it's built with quality wood. In closing I play a ton of different guitars and this one is the best bang for the buck I've come across in a long time. Buy one.
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