Item Reviews for: Fender American Select Stratocaster with Case  -  FEN 0170301 LIST
Great guitar. A new Strat Concept.
By: Razorbill from Phoenix      Submitted: 7/6/2012

Overall Rating


General Your general opinion of this product. Fantastic guitar for the price. I could not tell the difference within this model and a more expensive custom shop. It definitely fits my definition of a "Magic Strat". I've been performing regularly in Classic Rock gigs, and I think the sound of this axe is inspiring. It actually enhances my playing experience. The only thing I would change is the case. I love the light weight case of my American Deluxe. In the promotional video on the Fender Web Site, they originally showed this guitar in a light weight case ("TSA lock approved"). Further advertisement correctly stated that the guitar comes with a tweed style case. The tweed case looks nice but is really heavy. Since this is now my main axe, I "borrowed" the case from my Deluxe strat.
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