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    Another Classic Vibe Added to the Collection
    By: MarkieMark      Submitted: 1/14/2016
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    Likelihood to Repurchase What is your opinion of this product? As many others have found out, the Squire Classic Vibe series guitars are a steal. I have three of the tele's, and now have a burst Strat. What a good decision I made! I had just returned a guitar (first time) back to one of the other big mail order companies due to a cosmetically challenged instrument. I was a little nervous at first. Mine was backordered for several weeks, but no one else had them in stock either, so the wait was okay and worth it. I have been playing off and on for 40 years and have owned (still do) a BUNCH of guitars. This burst Strat is made from a single piece of wood and looks amazing! Beautiful! Has a little buzz on the B string, but when I change strings and work on the nut, it will be fine. I have a nice older Mexican Strat that is cool and has many gigs under it's belt, but this one looks and plays much better. The CV Tele with the white binding is one of my favorite guitars, and I have Gibson, PRS, G&L, et al. Just a very fine instrument.
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