Item Reviews for: Fender Road Worn 50s Stratocaster with Gig Bag  -  FEN 131012 LIST

    Good guitar if you are willing to spend some extra money getting it right.
    By: Mike      Submitted: 1/15/2015

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? It is a Mexican Strat. We all know Mexican Strats are basic mid-low quality guitars. It looks pretty cool, I bought it as a living room guitar that I don't mind my kid knocking over. ( leave my Americans in my music room).The frets are really bad and sharp. You need to spend $100 getting the frets smooth and right. Tuners are cheap chinese reprod. The Texas special pups are noisy with no punch. Put aside $179 to buy a tube screamer to get any sound out of them. It sounds like I am trashing this but I am not. It is a $700 guitar... I have $3000 guitars and you get what you pay for. This is much better than a same price Epiphone anything or a cheap Ibanez. I spent $500 getting this guitar right. A set of vintage noisless pups a set of kluson tuners and a Callaham bridge.... It is now a really nice player . The " worn" finish looks a bit fake, but a year of playing this every day will even out the fake worn look. Get a scratch and dent like me and it is worth every penny .
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    Poor workmanship
    By: Joe      Submitted: 12/2/2014

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    What is your opinion of this product? The first thing I noticed was that the pick guard was bowed by the bridge and when you press on it the pickup moves up and down with it. Secondly after closer inspection the pick guard was bowed in other areas also. The pick guard was considerably thinner than the usual pick guards you see on even the less expensive guitars. For this price you would expect first of all a guitar made in the US (this was made in Mexico), secondly (Form, Fit and Function people, for almost a thousand dollars the finish and fit should be correct. Seriously disappointed.
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