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Item Reviews for: Fender Mustang V Guitar Amplifier Head V2  -  FEN 2300500 LIST

Get it. Like , don't sleep on it , get.
By: Mikki B from Lehighton, Pennsylvania      Submitted: 10/7/2013




Playability and Feel





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General Your general opinion of this product. Love it .. great product. I can dial in the sounds I like or find them on Fender's Website from other player's uploads. Fender may not want to hear I blocked out about ten of of their original settings for distortions and overdrives consecutively .. has a very good sound that will cover 7strings, Quality Would you consider this product to be made well? How dependable? Yes. Dependability: I haven't yet taken it to a gig yet, I will .The cabinet works good so that aside as a halfstack is worth investing in. My experience out of the box you have to know about: the software is good. You might have some strangeass humming about 2 minutes into playing and it sounds like an signal path problem in the amp: the way old headphone's wires get napped. don't stress this immediately. Get your registration done on computer and get the newest firmware.. have not ever heard it again. The stock firmware is placeholder only. Since then, great amp. Playability and Feel How does it feel, Heavy, Fast, Chunky? How was the neck? Are the controls easy to get to while playing? Plenty of Djent. If buddy says , hey man , its solidstate.. no tubes.. you can say . Tubes? this is a digital music age. 'warmth' bah humbug. .. for real , I like the sound .. Those who like tubes have a features of controlling sag and bias.. apparently for a very believable tube crunch "sag to minimum; bias:set to maximum", control your EQ and gain from there. Tone Bright and snappy? Dark and smooth? Were the pickups hot, mellow, thick, thin? Yum yum yum. Action How was the action out of the box? that was concerning but I explained that already. Now its good. Firmware needs to beupdated immediately. The included software is good stuff. You'll enjoying checking out the uploaded sounds library. Finish How did the stain or paint job look? looks great,. remains great. Reliability How has it stood up over time? yep yep