Item Reviews for: Fender G DEC 3 Thirty Digital Guitar Combo Amplifier  -  FEN 2354500 LIST

    Awesome Solid State Amp with computer controlled effects/tracks
    By: GibsonMarshallMan from Abilene, Tx, USA      Submitted: 6/2/2013

    Product Rating

    Product Rating Your general opinion of this product. Ambiguous amp--confused with the G-Dec 30, a totally different amp. Great solid state guitar amp with built in effects and tracks, computer interface with the ability to upload unlimited others from the internet. You can download and install the Blues, Rock, or Country set of presets from the fender website. The software for sharing presets is terrible and you can only download one preset or one track at a time from their site, which is often down, particularly after one of their famous 'upgrades'. I don't think these guys have ever worked with software before. Website has inadequate labeling and explaining of different G-Dec's, old 30's vs. newer 3-30, Mustangs, multiple amps use these presets. Also presets and tracks are not listed on the same webpage, I have to click around and eventually go from one to the other. Complicated. Download a preset, load it up, then it has a text that tells you the track it goes with. So you go back to the website and try to find it. With other brands,
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