Item Reviews for: Fender 57 Bandmaster 3x10 26 Watt Guitar Combo Amplifier  -  FEN 8170500 LIST

    By: 5E7 Player from US      Submitted: 4/4/2013

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    General Your general opinion of this product. I recently purchased a Fender ‘57 Bandmaster from AMS, and I am thrilled. What an awesome amp! Big warm and clear. Easily the best amp I have ever owned, and maybe the best I will ever own. Sweet Fender cleans and smooth, classic distortion when cranked. The ‘57 Bandmaster is perfect for me. Yes, I know there are clones and even kits you can get for a 5E7 that are cheaper, but Fender clearly put a lot of R&D and love into this amp to get it right. Just right, in my opinion. It’s just right for me, certainly, and I think a lot of people will fall in love with this amp once they get a chance to play one.
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