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Item Reviews for: Focusrite Scarlett Studio USB Audio Interface Recording Package  -  FOC SCARSTUDIO LIST

Very sad we ever bought it
By: Eric Yeman      Submitted: 5/7/2013

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General Your general opinion of this product. Wish we wouldn't have bought this. The vocal sound is flat, and unnatural tone. I suppose in order to make it sound not so bad one would have to digitally alter it. The sound that comes out is unnaturally flat, and has very little highs, but sounds muddy. I'm just a simple singer, and guitar player that wanted to records songs as they are. However also this product didn't come with any software to even edit the flat vocal sound. i'm kinda new to this, and expected something much better. The software that did come with it had an error, and was unusable. The other software I can't get on my computer not sure why. I have a Windows Vista 64. Since I'm all out of money I have to use Audacity. This product is not at all what I expect. Now that seems the paint chipped off the mic now I'm stuck with it. Just great. Very sad. I won't be buying for a while.