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Item Reviews for: Galaxy Audio AS-900 Wireless In Ear Monitor System  -  GAA AS900 LIST

AMS should........
By: EBB (Evans Brown Band) from Pittsburgh, Pa,USA      Submitted: 6/25/2013




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General Your general opinion of this product. Entry at the best. the ear buds are the cheapest part of this package. decided to use an old pair of wooden Altec ear buds and it was a world of difference in frequency and clarity. at first this unit was a bit noisy but after looking for an alternate extension Antenna if went to Galaxy Audio's web and seen they sell external antennas Adaptors which connect through the Rack mount braces hole. now why doesn't AMS Sell such a critical item as well as for Galaxy's upgraded Ear Buds????? Anyway it now has the range advertised with NO interference at all. use it and 2 mono's, left for all vocals, and Right for two stage over heads to bring in the bands music. Quality Would you consider this product to be made well? How dependable? middle of the road. With TLC it should last. I haven't had it long enough to warrant durable or dependable. Ease of Use How easy is this product to use? How easy is the product to use with other products? Did it take long for you to learn to use this product? Was the manual helpful? How playable do you consider this product to be? a breeze to use. hooked it up in 10 minutes. patched in a 32 band EQ before transmitter and it was up and running. Features What do you consider to be the best features of this product? What features would you add to this product if you could? The Easy of USE, & it's rack mountable. (but buy the external antenna adaptor if rack mounting) Sound How is the tone? muddy, but after running it after an Equalizer (32 frequency) and up grading the ears buds it is a no brainer. it was a lot cheaper going this route and everyone is satisfied. The fact there is NO MORE Monitor Feedback (no more hauling wedges too) from vocals or instruments due to sound man/musicians error is on the top of my list! This is a SWEET DEAL FOR ALL OF US! Give it a try. Ya'll won't be disappointed!!!!