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Item Reviews for: Gemini CDJ700 CD MP3 Player  -  GEM CDJ700 LIST

Absolutely love it!!
By: J Fucci from NYC      Submitted: 6/4/2013

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General Your general opinion of this product. I love this unit. And I love the fact that it looks exactly like an over priced Pioneer CDJ. I know it's Gemini. But they have seemed to have turned a corner with the overall quality of their products the last couple of years.
Suprise! CDJ 700 worth it!
By: Andrew Williams from 3134 Capewood Lane, San Jose, CA, 95132      Submitted: 1/30/2012

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Your general opinion of this product. This product is great. Won the NAMM best new DJ product award and MMR best DJ line award this year. for good reason. because it is.