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Item Reviews for: Gemini G4V 4-Channel DJ Controller  -  GEM G4V LIST

The True All in One Controller...
By: Yzzi Evangelista from Buffalo, NY, USA      Submitted: 1/4/2014

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General Your general opinion of this product. Unbeatable meets Versatility. This product wowed me from the moment i landed my eyes then hands on it made me realize this was the real deal and that my endless search for an all in one was over. Quality Would you consider this product to be made well? How dependable? Indeed made to last, this controller will outlive a lot others out there. I set it on fire (used it) right out of the box for an 6 hour session in a club where i live and this baby was running like a brand new bmw out of the dealer! Ease of Use How easy is this product to use? How easy is the product to use with other products? Did it take long for you to learn to use this product? Was the manual helpful? How playable do you consider this product to be? True plug and play and as simple as cake for anyone who can read and knows how to count... Set up was invisible and fast. Features What do you consider to be the best features of this product? What features would you add to this product if you could? Ive owned the likes of Numarks, Denons and Hercules and in my quest to have the true mpc like feel when remixing i couldnt stop switching controllers until i came across this bad boy. MPC PADS have gotten to be the best feature and what sold me on here since they have more features than one and ALL 16 OF THEM can be used for samples and other cool things. Sound How is the tone? PRO SOUND! The sound has no delay no glitch and no issues at all. You get crisp clear sound. Value Was this item an overall good value? HELL YEAH! With all the features like the mpc pads, the amazing vinyl feel plates and mixer, this is THE BEST BANG for your buck out there.