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Item Reviews for: Gibson SG Special Faded Electric Guitar with Gig Bag  -  GIB SGF LIST

Amazing Guitar!!!
By: RCB-CA-USA from US of A!      Submitted: 11/14/2012

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Quality Would you consider this product to be made well? How dependable? For the money, you won't find a better 22 fret fixed bridge light weight double humbucking mahogany dream that's this versatile! However, the first one that arrived was...well...defective. The neck angle was so off, it couldn't be put on the front position of a 2-guitar guitar stand -- the neck protruded too far back. Consequently, the guitar could not be setup properly and was sent back. But, I am utterly pleased with the replacement! General Your general opinion of this product. I am extremely happy with this guitar and how Gibson and American Musical responded to my concerns and needs! Tone Bright and snappy? Dark and smooth? Were the pickups hot, mellow, thick, thin? Amazing. Bright, dark, loud, and articulate -- a full-blown Gibson ...this one sounds like a deep, rich chimmey piano with the classic Gibson sustain. The guitar responds to the most subtle touch and all out bangin'! This is a tone machine suitable for *any* style of music! The pickups are excellent and I've been able to dial in perfectly every tone I've tried thus far from full-blown metal to soft jazz! Finish How did the stain or paint job look? The finish on the first guitar, the defective one, that has a few paint blobs on it, and though the neck was not set correctly, ...that neck was finished to perfection, a lot of work went into that neck but then they botched it by not setting it correctly, or it shifted badly while in the supply chain! The replacement? Purrrrfect assembly and paint, but the fret ends, just a hint more time could have been spent on this one, just a hint. Also, the metal on the bridge screws and stop bar are too brittle for a good, hard, long-lasting screw driver. Whereas an older SG's metal is harder and can handle this screwdriver, ...the new bridge screws couldn't. When I adjust the stop-bar on the defective guitar to see if the fret buzz could be fixed and action adjusted, the screw hit the end of its travel and couldn't resist the screwdriver and left a screw driver mark on the top of the screw slot. So, be careful if you adjust the stop bar screws, the metal is a hint too brittle!