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    Frank Zappa? More like a Bug Zapper.
    By: Backwoods Mister from Parker, CO USA      Submitted: 8/5/2013

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    Product Rating Your general opinion of this product. First off, the thing plays like butter. Best guitar I've ever held in my hands, bar none. The tone possibilities are vast, the external craftsmanship, the wood, it's all exquisite. But then there's the... BUZZING. I read a couple reviews online about the buzzing, but man is it terrible. Playing through the clean channel, it's barely noticeable but add some gain to it & it is awful. Sounds like a cold solder issue. I can't record this thing, even using a noise gate. Just too loud. AMS has agreed to exchange it & hopefully the next one is dead quiet or I will opt for an SG Reissue or the like and go buy it from a place with a storefront in case any issues arise.
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