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Item Reviews for: Gretsch G5810 Bo Diddley Electric Guitar  -  GRE 2515405 515 LIST

Really different look and sounds great!
By: Bones from Santa Cruz, CA      Submitted: 1/21/2012





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Quality Would you consider this product to be made well? How dependable? Great - everything was tight and no loose or wobbly parts. It was put together and adjusted with care. They even put plastic over the pups for shipping so they didn't get scratched. It looks solidly put together - only time will tell. General Your general opinion of this product. I got this today and I've been playing it four hours non-stop. The action and intonation were perfect right out of the box. I just had to tune it to pitch as it was shipped with it down-tuned a step. Other than that it was perfect- no buzzing up and down on all strings and the action was great and it was in tune up and down the neck. The finish is nice - a dark red. Nice chrome G knobs, chrome knurled strap buttons and Grover tuners keep it in tune. Two pups and volumes for each and a master tone AND a master volume at the front lower half. This is a nice feature that many Gretsch guitars have so you can adjust your neck/bridge volume balance then use this master volume to adjust the overall final volume. The neck is nicely bound and the nut was finished off perfectly with just the right nut slots cut in it and a smooth finish. Overall a great - if unusual looking - guitar. Tone Bright and snappy? Dark and smooth? Were the pickups hot, mellow, thick, thin? Tone could easily be varied between the pup selection and master Tone knob. I got everything from a dark jazzy sound from the neck pup to a bright tight Tele sound on the bridge. Use the master tone to roll off highs. Combined pup sound with the tone midway is almost like a hollow body Gibson - great for Chuck Berry tones. The pups are plenty clear and not overly hot - just about right - not thin, but not overly thick. Nice Gretsch pups as they use on many other of their import models. Not as good as TV Jones but adequate and great for the price you pay. Finish How did the stain or paint job look? Very nice. A bit darker red than it looks in the picture but that depends on the light. No faults in the finish as far as i could tell. The chrome was all shiny and new - no tarnish or scratches. Overall a great looking guitar.