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    Punk rock gretsch...
    By: Jesse      Submitted: 6/5/2015

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Couldn't find this guitar in the stores so I pulled the trigger and ordered online. I don't listen to Rancid, so I bought this guitar more because it's a baldwin-era gretsch with a cool finish and filtertron pups. The pickups are crisp and clear and take dirt well, love the control over tone with all the knobs. I am impressed with these blacktop pups. They sound very close to the hs filters in my 5120. I see no need to change them. The top is thicker than my 5120, binding all over the place, beautiful headstock and wider body. The action was high and I set the intonation, but otherwise no work needed. Here's the thing, the flat finish does wear off leaving shine spots where your arms and hands come into contact. Like on the neck and upper body, and where I rest my pinky or fingers while picking. It looks cool to me but something you should be aware of before buying. Tuning is pretty stable, never seems to go way off. Body is balanced and neck plays smooth and fast. Love th
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