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    Instant "great tone"!
    By: Scott "Bugs" Allen from Los Angeles, CA      Submitted: 12/6/2013
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    General What is your overall opinion of this product? With pre-amp/direct box pedals ranging from $39 (Behringer) to $250 and above (Tech 21 SansAmp Deluxe), it's hard to tell which is the right solution for your stage/studio needs. (I've tried pedals across the range). But THIS one, right out of the box, is the best bang for the buck of them all. It makes an average bass/rig sound like a GREAT rig, and a good bass/rig sound like a premium/custom rig! If you want your tone warmer, brighter, deeper, cleaner, or just more "in your face" for solos, or bass driven tunes (aren't they all), this is what you need! Simply plug in, play it flat, and dial in what you need (plus or minus). It's THAT simple. Just let the Hartke tone circuitry "do what it do, baby"! On my last big stage road gig, I packed nothing but an axe and plugged into a generic direct box with only a stage monitor as my rig. If I'd had this pedal, my already good sounding Fender Jazz would have sounded like the kind of custom rig that costs more than your car, a decent car!
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