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Item Reviews for: Hartke HX410 HyDrive Bass Guitar Amplifier Cabinet  -  HAR HX410 LIST

Perfect complement to the Hartke LH 1000 Bass Head
By: B Kelley from Camden, NJ USA      Submitted: 1/15/2014








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General What is your overall opinion of this product? My overall opinion on the Hartke HX 410 is the POWER and PUNCH of this cabinet is AMAZING!!!! Quality How is the quality of the product? Was it well made? In my opinion, the HX 410 is well made. Features Are the features on the product what you were expecting? What are your favorite features? Yes, the HX 410 is a well-built, great sounding cabinet. I truly like the option of adjusting the compression driver for my high end. Sound How is the sound quality? How does the sound compare to other products you've use? I am truly impressed with the overall sound quality of this cabinet. I've tried other brands, but this one suits my needs. Tone How is the tone? Coupled with the Hartke LH 1000, you can dial in any tone that fits your musical style (slap, fingerstyle, tapping, etc.) with the added bonus of 1000 watts of POWER... Value Did you get what you were expecting for the price? How does it compare to similar products in the same price range? I would say to any bassist that the Hartke HX 410 is a good investment for the price. We're talking 1000 watts of power at your disposal coupled with the Hartke LH 1000 head. I have tried other cabinets, but they could not deliver the power and sound I needed. The Hartke HX 410 fits the bill.