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    Item Reviews for: Ibanez BTB7 Limited Edition 7 String Bass Guitar with Case  -  IBA BTB7 LIST

    Imagine the possibilities!!
    By: Jazz4ya from Browns Mills, NJ, USA,      Submitted: 12/17/2013

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Guitar players, both bassists and guitarist that second on bass - will LOVE this instrument. Okay, it is smooth up and down the neck - and balanced. You can set the string action so low your guitar pick will feel ultra thin! The tonality of great lows and crisp clear highs will turn your budget amp into a beast. I've played Lakland basses that don't respond as well...and it was a struggle on the 5-string Laklands...but the Six strings on the BTB series put them to shame. And the tweaked low end/to high punch won't punk you out on the bass solos ever again! I love the satin smooth finish; it's a chick magnet. Now, the chording is fantastic! I have played tetrachords on the 5/6 string versions. I will now be able to play full chords and even tune it like a guitar on the last four strings!! Somebody pinch me. This is a very, very superior axe for the price. $300 basses will be a thing of the past, and you'll appreciate the switchability 250Hz to 600Hz on a whim. Excellent!
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