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    For the price I almost feel guilty not giving it 5 stars across the board...
    By: W. Thibodeau      Submitted: 12/16/2012

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    General Your general opinion of this product. As the title says, I probably should have given this guitar 5 stars across the board, but the were a few very minor things... I had read many reviews before this purchase and some mentioned that this guitar was on the bright sounding side... Well, it is and perhaps a little brighter than I would have preferred, but certainly not a deal breaker, and when Amped you can control the brightness, in fact there is enough EQ capability to mold a variety of sounds and moods, but if it's un-amped, it is what it is... This is a Beautiful Guitar! The quilting is breathtaking and overall finish seems of high quality, the only thing that didn't impress me was the headstock...It looks a little on the cheesy side, but again, certainly not a deal breaker
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