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    Excellent lightweight bass beast!!
    By: Keith Rhodes      Submitted: 2/24/2015

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? This little guy is an incredible product for bass players who are tired of toting around heavy heads and cabs. On its own, it has more than enough power to keep up with a mild drummer. If needed, you can add an extension can to keep up with a drummer who beats the hell out of his kit (trust me, it happened to me). The tone stack in this little beast is quite versatile and the Phat knob is more like an adjustable bass boost. It will overdrive, but it doesn't sound amazing, just okay. The speaker in the combo really sounds like a separate woofer and tweeter. Great job Ibanez, you have outdone yourself this time. Now, if it only came in a 1,000 watt version...
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