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    An Ibanez Dream Come True
    By: Dustin Bly from Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA,      Submitted: 9/15/2013

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I own several Ibanez RG's and an S series, recently bought an RG Premium. Then the mother of all purchases, my RG3550MZ Prestige, galaxy black. This baby is the epitome of guitars, as is Ibanez of makers. Right out of the box it was amazing. What a huge difference from a 300-500 dollar RG to a 1700 dollar Prestige. You have to feel the difference for yourself, yes it's a lot of money, but you wont buy another guitar ever, not because your broke, lol, but because you wont need one or want one, unless you just buy them to collect them, then go for it. But the quality is amazing, the Japanese craftsmanship is second to none. I give it an 11 out of 10. The Dimarzio's are so beautifully warm and powerful, the neck pickup is the best Ive ever heard, go for a swim Fender, Ibanez is the lifeguard on the guitar beach!!!
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