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Item Reviews for: Jensen P12N Vintage Series Guitar Speaker with Bell  -  JEN P12N8WBELL LIST

Best Guitar Speaker I've Played
By: Glad to have a product that exceeded expectations! from       Submitted: 1/7/2012

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General Your general opinion of this product. I'm surprised at how good this product is. Staggeringly good. I have some Celestion Blues, G12H30's, Vintage 30's, and various Weber Ceramic and Alnico speakers, and this is hands down the best speaker I own. It deserves a revealing amp in front of it - I use a Trinity TC15. I have a Strat with Fender Custom shop pickups, a Tele with Fralins, a Les Paul with SD Seth Lover Humbuckers and a couple of other electrics with Lollar P90's and EMG's. I've been playing over 25 years. We all have our favorites but this is the first time I felt I should post a review.