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    First one was bad but the second was great
    By: Tim      Submitted: 12/2/2013

    Product Rating

    Product Rating Your general opinion of this product. I love my picovalve. Let me rephrase that I love my second picovalve. The first one was doa and I unfortunately was given a real hard time from associate I talked to about my amp not working when i received it. She told me that i must not have it hooked up correctly. I assurred her that i have owned numerous tube amps and know how to hook up a speaker cable and a power cord. I just wanted another amp but she really treated me badly. REAL sarcastic. I never ever write reviews or complain about customer service but this lady told me she wasnt gonna argue with me that i must have done something to damage it. I was finally able to talk to a supervisor who was sweet as she could be a immediately shipped me another amp. The second one is the bomb it works great. I love being able to use pretty much any tube i want in it. This is my second jet city and for the money they cant be beat. I just have second thoughts about ordering from this company after being verbally abused by an employee.
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