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    Item Reviews for: Jet City RetroValve 12AX7 Amp Vacuum Tube Replacement 3 Pack  -  JET RV3 LIST

    Everything I could have hoped for
    By: Jacob Strong,      Submitted: 12/23/2013

    Product Rating

    Product Rating Your general opinion of this product. Retrovalve Amber 3 pack To get down to it these things sound awesome. Clean they sound in my opinion better than a 12AX7. Distorted is where things get a little different. They have some subtle, and I mean very subtle, differences between regular 12AX7's. Its hard to even put my finger on what's different. But don't let that stop you! They sound extremely warm, fat, and punchy when distorted. They also seem to quiet off a lot of the noise and hiss in my amps. I plan on putting these in all my amps. I can't wait until they make powertube versions of these. I don't think I can recommend these things enough! Heck, I'm even gonna leave my email address up so if you have any questions about these you can contact me.
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