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    Great Upgrade from Korg M50
    By: Michael Dawson      Submitted: 1/5/2016

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? We have two Korg M50 workstations. The Kromes were purchased to replace the M50s in a cover band. The Krome's color screen is much nicer than the M50's B&W screen. The Krome doesn't have the M50's four chord triggers. We have not yet used the Kromes in a live situation, but that will happen at the end of Jan 2016. The Kromes were easier to program because of the color screen. The ability to use an on-screen calculator is nice, but we haven't really had the need for it. We do like the tap-drag feature to change values. Sound quality is as good as the M50 which, itself, was excellent for our purposes. The unit is a bit heaver than the M50, but it appears to be better-built and sleeker in appearance. We only wish the number buttons and/or labels were back-lit for use on dark stages.
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    "One for the Money"...good purchase!
    By: Ron      Submitted: 10/8/2014

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    What is your opinion of this product? Since I'm used to Korg keyboards the learning curve is very similar and easy to compose or write grooves. I like the enhanced sounds especially the EP's although the organ patches leave just a little to be desired but okay. My triton still has the Krome beat in that department. Overall a good buy for the money and I'll be giving her a test run live this weekend.
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