Item Reviews for: Kurzweil SP4-7 76 Key Digital Stage Piano  -  KUR SP47 LIST

    Very Surprised!
    By: Maestro from NY, NY      Submitted: 8/28/2013

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I was skeptical about getting this keyboard, because I didn't think it would compete against the motif/mo series or krome/kronos. Let me just say that for being just under $1000, it definitely holds it own. But... you must do the update - which a lot of people don't know about. If you connect via usb to your computer, Kurzweil has updated the OS as well as the sounds. Then they give you additional sounds to add to it. It is definitely a night and day difference than the out of the box sounds. Some of the sounds are NYC Jazz Piano (one of my favs), Stevie Rhodes, as well as others. The organ is what blew me away on this though. I had the mox which did good, but no way to control the drawbars. I thought the same with this board, not so! There's a control bank to control the tones of the organ sounds. The next thing I loved about it, I was trying to control the leslie from the modulation control, to no avail. So I was like hmmm.. The modulation put overdrive on the organ sound. Then I discovered when I hit the sustain pedal, this controlled the leslie. Nice! I am definitely sold on this. Can't believe it doesn't cost more.
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