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    Decent little tube amp
    By: Killface      Submitted: 4/11/2016

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I like that I can switch from one watt to 15 watts. It comes with Ruby brand tubes which is cool for a made in China amp. It sounded a little flat or lackluster when I first plugged into it but, now that it's getting some break in time, I'm finding some musical tones.
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    VERY Happy with it, worth the price
    By: Wesley plant from Houston      Submitted: 2/24/2014

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    Your general opinion of this product. Love the tone and the design, great amp for the price.
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    Great single channel amp
    By: gamjamm from Havre De Grace, Md.      Submitted: 2/15/2014

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    Your general opinion of this product. Compared to the fender super champ x2 at $299 and the jet city 22h which I also own, this amp has great tone albeit only one channel. It does however, have two input jacks. One for 15 watts and the other for .75 of one watt which is great for playing without headphones and not bothering the neighbors or family. The tone,grind,playability remains and you can drive the output[el-84's] nicely. It also boasts a gain and volume,bass,middle,treble, and a tone knob. Plenty of tweaking available. The reverb is digital but sounds surprisingly good but don't expect to get the "surf-sound" from it. You can use either the 8 or 16ohm speaker jacks, but only one or the other which is no big deal really imo. No standby switch either,same as the fender. The power cable is hard wired and has its own little storage pocket with a velcro tie. The power cable is short[about 4ft] and only 18awg. Most are at least 16awg. I intend to upgrade this to a longer heavier wire when the warranty expires.
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