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This is the one for me!
By: zimmazamm      Submitted: 6/19/2012

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General Your general opinion of this product. I hate to compare this amp to an AC30 or a good Fender because if you're loaded you may as well own them all...but this amp is more enjoyable to me to play on than most amps I've ever had the pleasure of plugging into. Of course this is subjective to what you like to play and what extra stuff your run through your rig. I think if you're a total metal head (which I respect fully!) maybe the Ironheart series is a better choice for you. But if you like good clean tone to good classic rock tone, this is one of the best amps I've heard. I have a Standard SG w/ P90's that sounds better than any SG/amp combo I've ever tried to put together...I am actually shocked I got this guitar to sound this good!