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I was surprised at how good the quality was.
By: dogloverfolks from Ft. Wayne, IN      Submitted: 7/13/2013
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General Your general opinion of this product. I've been a professional audio engineer for over 30 years. L.A., Atlanta, and 20 years in Nashville. During that time I have used the best equipment available as most pro studios have top quality equipment. I've used EMT plates, EMT 250, Lexicons (all models), AMS, and others. I have a home studio for my songwriting and playing. I've used consumer grade reverbs in the past and they just didn't sound that good. I was very surprised at how good it did sound for what I paid. It's not a Lexicon 480 but it's very good. For my recordings I use Altiverb software. This unit is used on my guitar when I play through my amp which has no reverb but I would use it on recordings if I didn't have Altiverb. I'm impressed. This tells me that the processors are getting cheap enough to use in lower priced products. Technology always gets smaller, cheaper, faster, and better.
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