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    By: Franco Fillipan from Chicago, IL USA      Submitted: 1/17/2014

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    Product Rating Your general opinion of this product. Having played drums for over 40 years it was by way of my doctor I got involved in playing again. I get a very good aerobic workout playing between 1 1/2 to 2 hrs daily and it is enjoyable to be back. I have to say I am delighted in the value for the money paid and the only major complaint is the cymbals they sound like dinner gongs. The drums are of a good construction and look like they will hold up. I remember long ago when I played I broke 4 Speed King pedals and Ludwig would not give me anymore replacements but with the advent of DW pedals and chains we'll see how this goes. It also was nice to get the whole kit delivered with all the hardware and even throne when at other times you'll only get the drums themselves minus hardware. If your a beginner or a seasoned pro like my self to have as a practice kit I believe you can't go wrong because it's definitely better then Mom's pot's and pan's and in my case the wife is glad to have me out of the house just doing what I always loved.
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