Item Reviews for: Marshall DSL100 Head and MX412B Cab Guitar Amp Half Stack  -  MAR DSL100MX2 LIST

    By: 58pit from Atlanta, GA      Submitted: 9/25/2013

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    Product Rating Your general opinion of this product. This is a FACEMELTING Amp setup, at a KILLER Price. We play mostly hardcore stuff, Death Metal, Classic Metal, and Metal Metal. The tone is outstanding! True classic Marshall tube sound. The overdrive channells are what any metal guitarist could ever ask for. Very versitile, and a wide range of tone. EASY to operate too, not all that fluff and rozz some amps offer now days. I sold all my pedals, no more tube screamers, pre amps, compressors, for me, you DON"T need them with this monster. It is built in. I can't tell you how happy this AMP makes me. I was worried about the Cabinet, thought perhaps I would need to upgrade. I was pleasently surprised with the perfomance. I did stack it under my 1960a, and I'm sure that helped, but It's everything I want in an Amp, head to toe.
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