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Quality guitar in the price range
By: Bobby      Submitted: 4/12/2014

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General Your general opinion of this product. This is a very nice guitar with excellent tone however the electronics are cheap and do not retain the quality and tone. I will have to upgrade them to get a true natural sound. The action is a bit high for me as with all Martin guitars so I knew I was going to have to have that changed. Personally, I have never liked any guitar right out of the box. I take all of my guitars to my tech and have them adjusted for me. I play professionally and know exactly how I want each guitar I play to feel. This guitar stays in tune and has the potential for some great sound if you make a few adjustments. The guitar case is strong and should last. Overall, this is a quality guitar that projects well, has great tone, and should last for many years if taken care of. Replace and upgrade the pickup if you like to plug in.
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