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    I own a lot of guitars but this one is my favorite acoustic of all
    By: JD Ozone,      Submitted: 11/11/2014
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    General What is your overall opinion of this product? This guitar has best of both worlds great unplugged sound and awsome plugged in sound. It does it all and I have not even played her long enough for her to really open up... She is beautiful places like a dream and has so many sounds plugged in if you a willing to explore.. Do not listen to the get a Martin and put in your own pickup if you play out. These stand their ground plugged or unplugged. I play out a lot so the built in compressor etc... makes her perfect total control of everything. Only 2 bottom/nobs but once you read small booklet it all makes sense and is easy even on the fly.. Not to mention all the added well bling looks compaired to other Martins, she is a stage baby. She rings true and the construction is top notch, cant even see any glue or any imperfections at all. Get one and you will never regret it or put it down
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