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    Best guitar cables made. Period. You definitey get what you pay for!
    By: Marvin Rist from Sperry, Oklahoma, USA      Submitted: 9/11/2013

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    Product Rating Your general opinion of this product. I have used cheap and expensive cords throughout about 35 years of playing. I understand that sometimes finances don't allow you to buy the best, but with AMS, that should not be a problem. I just spent another $1,300 on a new Martin and added this cable. It raised my payment by about $8 month which is worth it to me. This cable is by far the best out there. When other people on stage start buzzing, I don't even look to see if it is me because I know it's not. You don't have to spend the money, but if you're serious about the quality of your sound, then don't settle for the cheap cords that will only cause you heartache and embarrassment!
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