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    Well.., sometimes you get what you pay for
    By: BK Schyster      Submitted: 2/4/2014

    Product Rating

    Product Rating Your general opinion of this product. these sticks are not very expensive, so not having a stick endorsement any longer I have to pay for my sticks. And as many sticks as I go through ( breakage, crowd tosses and autographs ) I needed an inexpensive yet a little bit more than SOMEWHAT reliable stick vendor!!! So I tried "ON-STAGE" products. I was very disappointed with the inconsistent woods used to make these sticks!!!( I've used both Hickory & Maple,& I play 2B nylon tips ) Not too mention that every single stick lost their nylon tips, ( shot them into the back of other band members heads, hell I even ripped through one on my floor tom heads before I realized that the tip was gone ) So if your expectations of a stick do not get very high, then buy these sticks,... but I am sure you want a lot more out of a stick than what I experienced with these sticks, so maybe you buy them for rehearsals, but play with MUCH BETTER sticks for Live Performances, you ( and your band mates ) will be a lot happier...........BKS
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