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At LAST, Strap Locks That FIT!
By: Hugebassman      Submitted: 11/27/2014
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General What is your overall opinion of this product? I have been using Dunlop and Schaller strap locks since they first became available. While doing so, I have had to butcher my strap ends and chase down "E" clips when they flew across the room while I was trying to lock the strap to the lock. I have seen other strap locks, but they looked too large, too unreliable, too expensive, or came from an "iffy" source. Now Hennessey has finally gotten it right! These strap locks actually fit in the strap end holes, and don't require three hands and a box of tools to install. They are very solid, and extremely secure. It REQUIRES two fingers and a thumb to open these strap locks, so they can't accidentally come loose, no matter how acrobatic your performance may be. These really are the best!
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