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Item Reviews for: Nady UHF 3 Guitar Wireless System  -  NAD UHF3GT LIST

Well worth the money
By: Robin Smith from Mesquite, Nv.      Submitted: 3/24/2014

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General Your general opinion of this product. Good product, fun to use. Quality Would you consider this product to be made well? How dependable? This is a good product for the money. It works very well, but better quality cables would make this a MUCH better product. I had to change out the instrument cable immediately due to signal cut out. Ease of Use How easy is this product to use? How easy is the product to use with other products? Did it take long for you to learn to use this product? Was the manual helpful? How playable do you consider this product to be? Quite use friendly / self explanitory. Features What do you consider to be the best features of this product? What features would you add to this product if you could? Good clear sound from a modestly priced wireless system.I would include better quality cables in the package if my name were on the box. Sound How is the tone? Good clear sound that did not affect my bass tone, which is importantto ubass players.