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Item Reviews for: Orange BT500H Terror Bass 500 Bass Guitar Amp Head with Bag  -  ORA BT500H LIST

Well worth the money...
By: Greg Jensen from San Diego      Submitted: 4/28/2013







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Features What do you consider to be the best features of this product? What features would you add to this product if you could? I dig the hell out of this, super easy everything is easily accessible. 4@8ohm. switchable, meaning, I am able to run all my bass cabs. plenty of power, more than I expected. Light super compact, Durability, well see down the line. This head is everything it claims to be and more. Especially for the price!!! I do recommend you read the instructions and download the manual!!! This is a new kind of science ( valves ) working as tubes, so you have to let it warm up in standby mode. It's every bit as loud as an svt. if not more. I do recommend 2 of the isoberic bass speaker enclosers. Greg Jensen/Defect of Character. Sound How is the tone? I didn't expect thee effects loop, Slick, on the side of head. Active/Passive switch is nice as well. Both outs to cabs. are speakons. The cabs. are speakons as well. no 1/4". No slaving cabs. Favorite features... is that I am able to still use my ampeg cabs. General Your general opinion of this product. If you're a working musician, You're really going to appreciate not having to lug around an 80lb. tube head. nuff said.